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Customers - Foreign Address Handling

When entering details of customers / suppliers with overseas addresses, they all use the same form and checking as for a UK address.   This causes issues where a European address (say) is:

10 rue to Beauville
57360 Malancourt la Montagne

The Kashflow PayPal import API creates this address as:
10 rue to Beauville
 Malancourt la Montagne

Which is then laid out wrongly on the automatically created invoices.

However, I can edit the address in the invoice page and enter a postcode of

57360 Malancourt la Montagne, Lorraine

Which makes it appear better on the invoice page.

However, if I go into the customer page and edit their contact details, I can only enter a postcode of 57360.

a) Update the contact details form on both the customer / supplier page AND the invoice page to use the same format.
b) Update the contact details form to use a different layout according to country chosen

  • Rich Mellor
  • Dec 5 2017
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