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Automatically Created Invoices - existing customer details

As part of the Kashflow PayPal API import, you can ask it to automatically create invoices for customers as it reads the data from PayPal.

However, the customer billing address and shipping address are as supplied by PayPal (normally only one address is provided if any).

What should happen at this point, is that the Import APP should check if the payee is an existing customer, and if so enter that as the billing address.  The shipping address provided by PayPal should then be compared and if the same, it can be ignored (instead of creating a separate shipping address).

Has anyone else spotted the bug too - if you edit the invoice, and use that to edit the customer billing address, untick the box "use different shipping address" and click on Update Customer Record - the changes ARE NOT copied across to the customer record.  You have to make your changes, click on Update Customer Record, and THEN untick 'use different shipping address'

  • Rich Mellor
  • Nov 30 2017
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  • Rich Mellor commented
    30 Dec, 2017 03:20pm

    The address issue is however still a real pain on the import as the data received from PayPal appears on the invoice, even if PayPal only supplies the customer name and country - DESPITE the fact that the customer record already exists with different / more data.

    You should be offered the option of using existing customer record data instead!

  • Rich Mellor commented
    30 Dec, 2017 03:17pm

    The bug if you untick the box "use different shipping address" before clicking on Update Customer Record seems to have been fixed (ie the customer record details are updated).

    However, the box simply closes when you do this, rather than showing the confirmation message "Customer Record Updated" in the bottom right corner.