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Change or get rid of the 100 transactions limit when making a bulk payment

It would be useful to not have a 100 transaction limit when making a bulk payment. Our company pays well over 100 invoices per month amounting to thousands to the same supplier. The transaction limit makes it difficult to represent the payment coming out of the bank accurately, without having to leave notes for our accountant to pick up on. It's also very irritating and time consuming to go through this whole process to have Kashflow reject it after matching them all up due to this limit.

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  • Aug 8 2018
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  • Aug 31, 2023

    Admin response

    The limit has been increased to 200

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    16 May, 2022 09:48am

    This is frustrating, it could at least say when you have matched 100 items

    What I do is convert the statement to an excel format, identify the first 100 items and post those. On number 100 you pay the balance the bank payment creating an over-payment.

    Go back into the supplier and you can apply this "credit" against the remainder of the invoices.

    It is an anomaly as you effectively create a batch of over 100 invoices, but if you open it you cannot amend it.

    At least though you have all the invoices on one batch, but this urgently needs sorting as many business pay more than 100 at a time. My main one is in construction and they have each order for a different site on a different invoice as it makes tracking jobs easier. With a double figure of active sites they can easily have 10+ invoices per day and 200 plus to match to the month end payment.