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Allow bulk delete on transactions imported to Kashflow and a save feature for matching transactions

A few time now i have uploaded my bank statements into Kashflow and i have finished work or have not had enough time to match all transactions off and when you have over 800+ it can take a while so by allowing you to save it and come back to it would be great. I did try putting them in ignored feeds and when i clicked restore they'd disappear pretty much a pointless feature or does not work.. so adding a save feature so you can come back and match the rest off another time would be great.


Also for Bank transactions which have been imported their should be an option on selecting a period of time then deleting it instead of one by one. This will help hugely for me when mistakes etc are made. 


Both features will  massively benefit Kashflow and i hope this features get added asap..


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  • Feb 5 2018
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