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in batch payment have a button to load 50- 100-150 invoices in one go


Rebecca - Easybook Training

Jan 25, 12:04 GMT

Good Morning,

We have just gone over to the new kashflow system and I am having trouble when trying to do a batch payment.

The old system used to load all the invoices unpaid I one go, the new system only loads about 10 at a time and you must press the load more button which will load 10 more at a time, this is coursing me problems as I sometimes have to press this button 20 times to load all the invoices I need.

Is there a way I can get all the invoices we have outstanding loaded in one go or could  you create a button to load maybe 50-100-150 at one time, having to press the button more than 20 times is very time consuming

will deal on average up to 40-60  invoices a day

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  • Jan 26 2018
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