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Processing bulk payments by credit card

And if you have more If there is a bank transfer to our for multiple invoices (say 5 out of a possible 7) then this can be applied to the relevant invoices for the customer. But you cant seem to do this with someone wanting to pay by credit card. If you select the 5 invoices it simply says that a batch payment has been recorded against those - but as yet you haven't received any money! What you have to do is create a new invoice covering the 5 invoices, process the card against those, and then credit note the original 5 invoices? How ridiculous is that? My idea is to select the 5 relevant invoices and then Kashflow takes you to a credit card processing page to take the payment. Otherwise you have to do 7 transactions for the one payment (Make new invoice, take payment, issue 5 credit notes!!) And if you have more than 5 invoices, the amount of work goes up and up!

  • Ken Callaghan
  • Aug 3 2020
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