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Fix the account/supplier/customer search lag that removes the 2nd character key stroke due to lag caused by the 'search' function triggering

Fix the search so that the 2nd character does not get ignored.  It is so annoying that due to the fact I can type quickly the 2nd character of any search keeps getting missed (which is when the search function triggers).  Instead you have to slow your typing to a crawl to make sure the search pop up appears to avoid the character getting missed.



Inside the Bank Add/View function (although it happens all over the program).

I want to find the code "Rent"

I type R , E , N 

It will nearly always just show R and N as the search has triggered after R causing a lag and the E key stroke gets missed.


Fix this.  I have a whole office of staff and clients complaining about it.

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  • Feb 7 2020
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