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Search Box issue

Issue: Search box does not look up all data equally - after a recent support query #300676 I was advised that "The search bar in the top left only searches for invoice numbers or customer references" - This is not true.


Example: I type in "FISH" into the search bar, it pulls up Customer; "Fishy and Chippy" - Supplier; "Fish Direct Limited" and every invoice with the word "Fish" in the product description. It also throws up contact names and invoice numbers that contain the relevant search term. The search facility provides more than the support team are aware of!


However - If I add a custom text box, i.e under Settings>>Purchase Options>>'Enable an extra reference field for each purchase' tick box for say Order Reference (our PO number with supplier) the search box does not include this data

Solution: Modify the search string value to search Everything! (or at least give us the option on to have tick boxes that allow us to search supplier/purchase - customer/invoice - all data

  • Ben
  • May 3 2018
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  • Charles Hewitt commented
    14 May, 2018 11:20am

    Agreed, one useful undocumented feature I use is the ability to search for a payment note where a customer has used an obscure payment reference in their BACS details often using the search function is the only way to reconcile it.