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Free Text / Additional Text Field Search-ability

Within the settings we have the option to add 'free text' boxes - such as via Purchase Options >> 'Enable an extra reference field for each purchase'


This is all well and great to have as a feature until you need to search for the content of this box. Currently it doesn't seem to be indexed when you search. 


For example, on my Purchases page I have the supplier reference being used for the invoice number my supplier issues. However I usually have an order reference/PO for the order that the invoice is generated for. I therefore  use the the extra text field for 'Order Reference' so I can tie delivery notes into Invoices and into a Kashflow reference number for quick filing. 


The issue comes when I have a delivery note from my supplier that only has the reference number that is stored in this field. I then have to search though Supplier/Dates or provide another way of uniquely identifying each record via another searchable method. Currently via an additional comment on every Purchase entered.


Why provide the free text field option if it isn't indexed for searching?! - This also applies to the free text on invoices too.

  • Ben
  • Oct 31 2019
  • Acknowledged
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