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Purchase / Sales / Product Code - Lookup Between Code/Name Fields

When typing into the Purchase Code / Sales Code and Product Codes the data is looked up via the "NAME" field not the "Code" field or both.


Issue: When searching for a item "Code: AB0123 / Name: Loose Small Bananas...." the Product field only searches by the name, this is hard if you are using an invoice with just product codes listed, or you are working with multiple products with similar names. 


Working Solution: When entering the data for the Name you have to include the Code as well - i.e "AB0123 - Loose Small Bananas..." - Shouldn't have to do this as it creates excess data entry.


Solution: Have Product search box search both Code and Name fields with its result in the drop down list - also if possible allow wild card type lookup from the name - i.e "Lose Bananas" as currently you have to enter text word for word as it is in the name field. (Disability friendly help here - as some users are dyslexic!)

This ideally links to all drop down/text searches.

  • Ben
  • Jan 15 2018
  • Acknowledged
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