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Purchase / Sales Code Search option

Currently when using the power of KF Purchase or Sales code feature and I need to update something - price change, description alteration etc which would affect invoices and purchases dropdowns - it can be a very long winded process to perform updates if items are in different code categories.

It would be easier if there was a search option that allowed you to search for your purchase / sales codes in one place with out having to manually navigate multiple pages and using the browser search feature.

For Example.

Under Sales / Purchase codes I could have the following option

Purchase Code - Name

- Product Code - Name

100 - Fruit

- A1 - Apples

- A2 - Bananas

- A3 - Grapes

200 - Veg

- B1 - Carrots

- B2 - Potatoes

300 - Canned Items

400 - Drinks

- D1 - Coffee

- D2 - Tea

- D3 - Water

Currently to change information on Purchase code 100 - Fruit I have to navigate to the relevant screen, then search for the item i.e A1 - Apples, to then change something related to my Potatoes option, I can't use the back feature if I have updated other items as it loops though all the edited screens first, I have to either edit the address bar text or start going though the screen options to navigate to Purchase code 200 - Veg then product code B2 - Potatoes. This can be very time consuming to amend something simple in the descriptive information for future purchases, or change prices.

For example my supplier might change my simple grapes to be Mixed Grapes, and my simple Water to be English Spring Water.

When you have a few thousand products listed and you need to make individual changes to several of them it becomes a very time sapping and tedious process, not to mention mind numbing.

Could we not have the search box, or an additional search feature that allows us to type in Product Codes and list them - possibly several depending how many times the unique product code is replicated across the purchase codes - but giving the end user the ability to see and choose quickly what they want to change?

  • Ben
  • Sep 21 2021
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