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Limit of 100 combined Sales & Purchase codes!!

I've looked at other posts and still cannot get to grips with this concept of limiting the Sales and Purchase codes to just 100 using search. And frankly if I knew this initially would not be using this system. It is totally counter-productive and will not allow my business to expand. I was dumfounded when I contacted Kashflow and got this reply: 'As you have over 100 product codes for sales and purchases, you will no longer get the drop down box and will need to enter the first letters to file out the options'. Well I've tried it and that doesn't even work properly. I cant find some products using this method. It's time consuming and as other posts have suggested, totally inefficient.
Please can we have this prioritised so Kashflow does not alienate, frustrate its customers further.
  • Martin Reed
  • Jan 10 2017
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