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Make the general search box results more useful

I often need to do a quick search for a transaction, sometimes when I know the payee or amount or any other random term. But, the results are never usefully presented. They don't show the full information and still reply on you opening all the transactions, to find the one you want.

For my personal accounts I use the wonderful Microsoft Money 2002 - I think it cost me about £50 14 years ago. If I do the same type of search on that, I get an instant raft of result data that requires no more drilling down to the information I need. Attached is a grab of search from Kashflow and Microsoft Money, each using the same search term "Dividend".

Now I am sure the developers at Kashflow believe their programming is better than a 14 year old piece of software. From where I am sitting (and paying) I can see the results from Kashflow are seriously lacking.

PLEASE make the general search results better... You know it's possible. Microsoft did it 14 years ago!
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  • Jan 10 2017
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