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Matching Rules not recognised any more if more than one word

Before the recent updates to the bank feeds you could have a couple or few words to search for in the matching rules. However, now it's only one word that KashFlow recognises and therefore this function has limitations as you might not have just one unique word to identify specific transactions, i.e. different transactions might have the same words in descriptions, however a sequence of words would be unique for matching to the correct description of transactions.

  • Katerina Kurgane
  • Apr 23 2020
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  • Katerina Kurgane commented
    5 Jun, 2020 09:35am

    It looks like this has already been dealt with as the old matching rules suddenly started to work again. Thank you!

  • G B commented
    28 Apr, 2020 02:12pm

    I had the same problem, but I thought it was greater than 2 words is ignored