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Enhance the Customer Search functionality

Currently when you create a new invoice you have to put the exact customer name in to get a match

I currently find this awkward, if I have a customer on the phone or in person, I request their name, they don't always give me the exactly the same name as on the invoice.

This leads to duplicate customers being added to the system and the knock of effect of bad report data or even the hassle of having the consolidate invoices to one customer


Customer name in Kashflow is "Mr Fishwick". I want to add a new invoice for this customer, I would like to type "Fishwick". If I do not type "Mr Fishwick" then I will not get a match.

In reality we find customers give variations of their name each time and don't remember the exact name given on a previous invoice, sometimes they are in wives or husbands names also so it could be
Mr Fishwick
Mrs Fishwick
Bob Fishwick
Sheila Fishwick
etc, etc

The Suppliers search does this searching fine, can the customer one please please do this!
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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Jan 10, 2017

    Admin response

    Hi Ed, This should not be the case, you should be able to search customers by surname alone, or even a part of the surname. Are you on our new user interface? Many thanks
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    10 Jan, 2017 09:31am


    Nope it doesn't for me

    Customer Name - "A Hazelhurst"

    Go to new invoice and customer box
    Enter: "A Haz"
    ...customer appears

    Enter: "Hazelhust"

    ..customer not found

    How do I know if I'm on the new UI?