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Add customer selection to the Invoices screen

On the Invoices screen allow selection of a invoices for a specific  customer.

When raising invoices I often need to refer to earlier invoices  from the customer to check prices , what   invoice relates to etc to insure that the latest invoice is correct.. I also use this information to check  the item is not being double invoiced due to staff  incorrectly updating the supporting documents and processes to produce an invoice.

Whilst I could  get this info from the customer transaction  screen I am not interested in payments received just the invoices and contents. 

I would like to be able to select all of the customers invoices  in descending invoice order to pick up previous invoices to quickly view, ideally  would like to  be able to select a number  and scroll through the contents.

In addition On occasion I need to be able to  select a particular customer then search for a particular string . for example I know that they purchased a printer during 2018 but do not know which invoice it was on.  I  could do this with Sage  using  the selection criteria but have been unable to find a similar feature in KashFlow.

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  • May 14 2019
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