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Create a customer status button to allow a customer to be labeled as a 'lead' rather than a customer when we haven't had any transactions with them

At present Kashflow only allows customer status to be either active (Kashflow default, no choice in this) or archived (which in Kashflow has limited effect / doesn't work very well) - in the real world we have different interactions with our 'customers' over time ranging from simple lead generation to leads which we quote for (but don't always get the work), to regular customer who we do actual business with, to customers we don't do anything with anymore (although there can be several other interaction types). IMHO there should be at the very least the three basic types: 1) Lead, 2) Active, 3) Archived ; but you could easilly have more.

  • Rob Smith
  • Nov 18 2018
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  • Rob Smith commented
    18 Nov, 2018 07:41am

    To give an example - The first three digits of all of my customer codes are basic geographic groupings of my customers, so when I put into the search bar 'R46' for example I get all the customers who are coded as such, even if they have been archived!!! - this is a pain because then I have to try to remember who has been archived and who is active (about as much use as fetid dingos kidneys you guys at Kashflow)

  • Rob Smith commented
    18 Nov, 2018 07:35am

    As touched on earlier Kashflow doesn't archive very well - by that I mean when I use the search bar to look up customers it gives me all the customers whether or not they are archived which is a right royal PITA - I fully understand that if I'm looking through invoices or quotes then these have to be highlighted whether or not the customer is archived, but please, not in general searches.