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Manual adjustment to vat return boxes for Making Tax Digital Merged

With Making Tax Digital coming in soon, we will need to be filing vat returns through software as it will be a legal requirement for many companies. However, for some of our clients we currently don't file returns through kashflow as we have to make adjustments to various boxes on the return for things such as margin schemes. We need to be able to make adjustments to all of the boxes including total sales and total purchases without changing the underlying accounting records as those are correct.

Other software providers have the ability to manually adjust the vat return figures from the vat return page by simply clicking an 'adjust' button and then typing in the value of the adjustment to whichever box we want to adjust and a reason for the adjustment.

Something similar to this in Kashflow would be ideal otherwise it is going to be difficult to do these adjustments and file correct vat returns when the time comes that we have to file through software.

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  • Aug 9 2018
  • Will not implement