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Allow VAT returns to be generated (and finalised) without having to link to HMRC for MTD.

Lots of people don't want to submit their VAT returns directly from Kashflow. There are many reasons why the Kashflow data might need adding to/amending before submission (in my case because I only use Kashflow for my sales ledger, but it might be because of Group registration, or partial exemption, or an applications-for-payment system or whatever). I generate the return in Kashflow (in my case, outputs only) then download it to Excel before adding to it and submitting to HMRC through an Excel plug-in. At the moment, the only way I can finalise a return is by ticking that I'm below the MTD threshold (which I'm not). I'm concerned that this option might be removed once MTD is compulsory for everyone. I'd suggest/request that an option be left to generate and close off returns without having to submit them to HMRC through Kashflow.

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  • Jun 16 2021
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