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Nominal Codes on Sales and Purchase Invoices

Now that Kashflow does not allow you to edit purchase and sales invoices after they have been submitted in a VAT return, it can be difficult to easily locate which nominal code the invoice has been allocated to. Ideally the nominal code should be displayed on the purchase/sales invoice without having to click the edit button.

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  • Jan 29 2019
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  • Guest commented
    16 Mar, 2019 12:33pm

    I need this!

  • Guest commented
    12 Mar, 2019 04:55pm

    Neil Smith, you probably won't see this comment but this is how I've been getting around the changes. Create a dummy credit with the nominal you need to change, then a new purchase with the new/correct nominal. Same price, item, VAT, supplier etc on both, just the date would be different to be included in the current month, and make sure the correction credit and new purchase are on the same date. I've had the purchase references as "dummy to correct previous nominal error", then use the credit to pay the purchase. Doesn't add any VAT to the new period, but changes the nominal. It's not perfect, but it appears to have worked.  

  • Steve Gatter commented
    1 Mar, 2019 11:40am

    Agree with all comments, also you should be able to change the supplier, ie you may have B&Q as one but inadvertently set up "B and Q" as another (especially if importing from Receipt Bank)

  • Guest commented
    21 Feb, 2019 04:12pm

    Definitely think there should still be an option to only edit the nominal code or description, as there are no amount being changed. Or provide a view feature so you can see where it has been posted to.

  • Alan Moore commented
    19 Feb, 2019 02:13pm

    There are a number of fields that should be allowed to be edited after a vat return is produced (as they do not affect a vat return).

    Items such as adding a purchase order number to a sales invoice. (there have been a number of clients who have waited to be paid and only subsequently find out that they cannot be paid without a purchase order number being quoted)

    A project should be able to be added to invoices/purchases

    i would also have said that a nominal code should be able to be changed however this may be prevented because EU transactions are linked to nominal codes

  • Neil Smith commented
    18 Feb, 2019 12:10pm

    Does anyone know a workaround how to change the nominal code on a purchase order that has been previously submitted (VAT).

    As part of our year end process we need to change a few codes. The amount and figures are not changed therefore does not effect the VAT submission.

    We have carried out this exercise for the past four years, although this year cannot do it.


  • Guest commented
    12 Feb, 2019 11:23am

    Me and a number of colleagues also agree that being able to see the nominal code easily, perhaps via a 'view transaction' not an edit transaction click will save unnecessary time and work. The same applies for bank transactions as well as sales and purchases.

    Looking forward to when the 'planned' update becomes available 

  • Guest commented
    7 Feb, 2019 01:58pm

    KashFlow should allow all non-economic factors to be edited e.g. nominal code, Purchase order, etc regardless of whether a return has been filed.  And yes, the code should be displayed.  New change is making  unnecessary work  :(

  • Guest commented
    5 Feb, 2019 10:33am

    totally agree

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