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I was speaking to Anum from your support team, I was told to add my suggestion here.

For our business, we have subcontractors working for us and for work to be proceeded we would send them a purchase order to carry out the work and once the work has been completed they would send us an invoice for the work they have carried out. At the moment there's nothing like this as I've been told. 

A purchase order is different for our business to what it is on kashflow... I understand it is an accounting software so this is not an important topic however it's never a bad idea to increase the range of services you provide to match different businesses.

Maybe add a subcontractors option. 


Thank you

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  • Mar 3 2017
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  • Guest commented
    March 03, 2017 16:31
    This is what i told 'Anum'' and she thought it was a good idea
    It's confusing to explain but this is what happens with our business
    When we have subcontractors working for us, we would send them a purchase order to carry out the work and once the work is completed they would send us an invoice for the completed work the have carried out.
    Is there a way for us to have something like this? or would we have to create our purchase order separately and once they have invoiced us it would go on the system.
    ''This does seem like a good idea though so it would be great if you could add your suggestion to our Canvass site where KashFlow clients can share ideas directly with our Product team''.
  • C Truby commented
    June 06, 2017 18:43

    Absolutely agree. POs are a standard mode of operation as are Pro Forma invoices and neither are here. Really basic stuff in my lowly opinion.

  • Jeff Sutton commented
    January 29, 2018 10:28

    I would love this, I have been asking ever since we started using Kashflow in August 2007.

    We need to be able to "book in" part supplied orders as some items can be ex stock from our supplier whilst others can take up to 12 weeks. We would ideally convert a quote into an order and then into an invoice as an when the goods arrive. This would leave the outstanding items in the order list.

  • Linzy Small commented
    October 17, 2018 15:30

    Such a shame this isn't being planned into the updates!
    We are an industrial door company where from PO stage up to receiving an invoice from our supplier can take up to 2 months.

    We have resorted by placing ORDER in the suppliers ref box then their ref so we can seperate the POs from invoices. Before we were doing this, PO's were accidently being paid prior to receiving the invoice from our supplier causing a lot of confusion! 
    We really feel this is something that is important to look into from Kashflows point.

  • Jeff Sutton commented
    February 20, 2019 15:34

    We have been asking for this for years. not holding my breath.

  • Neil McConnell commented
    May 16, 2019 11:01

    I've been working with one of my clients who creates purchase orders in Kashflow. When an order is created, Kashflow posts the cost to the expense account, the input VAT to the input VAT account and creates a creditor in the suppliers account. In my view that is completely wrong and will lead to incorrect accounts being prepared - unless everyone is aware that's what actually happens. In any other accounting system I have worked with, the cost, VAT and creditor don't hit the accounts until the goods and/or supplier invoice is received.

    So, say an order for £10,000 of materials are placed on 31 May - the day of the company's year end. Kashflow is recognising the expense of £10,000, VAT of £2,000 and a trade creditor of £12,000 - but no materials or supplier invoice have been received - because the goods are not delivered until June. I'm sorry, but that is just wrong. The transaction should not be recognised until the supplier invoice has been received - and some accounting systems allow you to actually log when the goods have been received - even before the supplier invoice arrives - so that a "goods received not invoice" report can be produced and the accounts adjusted accordingly.

    My client (thankfully) accounts for VAT on a cash basis so the VAT entry from the purchase order didn't cause any error on their VAT returns - I wonder what happens where cash accounting is not used - will Kashflow include the input VAT in the return based on the order date - before a VAT invoice has been issued by the supplier? If that's the case then its a fairly serious problem!

  • Admin
    Julie Shepherd commented
    June 10, 2019 08:13

    Hi Neil, the Purchases section in KashFlow is to record purchases - by entering supplier invoices as Purchases. It is not intended to be used as a Purchase Order system. We are looking to introduce a Purchase Order system in future.

  • Anonymous commented
    June 11, 2019 10:06

    I flagged this issue up many years ago
    and nothing has ever changed on it. Just like so many other
    annoying issues in KF. Its ironic that Julie says its not
    intended to be used as a Purchase Order system when the default
    heading for purchase PDFs is 'Purchase Order' and there is an
    option for: "Give me a button on each of my purchases to print
    it as a Purchase Order". Although I can't see ticking this or
    not makes any difference to the purchases.

    Basic things like this, including
    Pro-forma invoices as mentioned before, are just never addressed
    by the KF team. Instead development goes into more integration
    with other packages which I'll never use.

    Giles Parker


  • A F commented
    August 13, 2019 23:40

    Purchase Orders At present it appears that using Purchase Orders affects the figures in the P&L and Balance Sheet (Creditors Report & Stock). This is incorrect as no affect should be made to the financials until either the goods are received or the purchase invoice is posted. You have an option on the sales side (i.e. Sales Orders), which would suffice for the purchase order side.

    This has been marked as Planned for a very long time. Do you know when this will be available, as some clients are looking to move to other packages which deal with purchase ordering

  • Admin
    Julie Shepherd commented
    August 14, 2019 10:08

    Hi AF, Purchases in KashFlow are what you refer to as Purchase Invoices - we are planning to introduce Purchase Orders in the sense you refer to them as but this is a long term plan so I am unable to give you a date.

  • Paul Long commented
    August 14, 2019 11:46

    If it's not about making a new partnership and hence royalties / commission, then Kashflow tend not to be interested in what users need.  They have our data and know how difficult it would be to migrate elsewhere so they focus on what makes them profit.

  • Anonymous commented
    August 16, 2019 14:20

    Absolutely agree Julie. This is why I���m in the process of changing to XERO.
    KF is causing me no end of problems that are not being addressed.
    Good luck. Danni