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The PO number to be referred to on a Purchase

I since 1st December started to use Purchase Orders to send to my suppliers, when I receive there Invoice I then convert to a purchase which is working fine.

My problem which has now come to light when my supplier sent me a statement, on there statement they use my PO number but when I try to cross ref my Purchases my PO number is not displayed on this so I then have to find the transaction by the value which time consuming. Is the a way the Purchase Order number can be displayed on the Purchase.

At present, there isn't an automated feature in KashFlow to copy the PO number to Purchase by default. It will copy only the PO Reference field value automatically after getting converted into Purchase.

However, this does seem like a good idea though so it would be great if you could add your suggestion to our KashFlow Canvass website where KashFlow clients can share ideas directly with our Product team.

  • Roger Miles
  • Dec 29 2021
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