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P32 should show CIS suffered totals

Since the CIS suffered figures are entered manually by the user and not calculated by the software it is not reported on the pdf report of the P32.

The CIS suffered total is within the calculations of the end total of the P32 and correctly tells you what you owe to HMRC, it just doesn't show it so it looks like the calculations are wrong ie my P32 pdf report:

1330.12 E/tax
2032.12 nat ins

If you add this up it comes to 3362.24, yet the total showing on pdf is 2989.09 why is that? The difference is the CIS suffered total of 374.00 which is included in the end total but does not show it on the P32 pdf

Why have the facility of a pdf report that does not add up the totals correctly according to the totals sent to HMRC?

If the CIS suffered shows on the Government summary page it should also show on the pdf of the same page?

This is a major report design flaw and should be attended to immediately. It is not good enough Kashflow, we are paying for a sub standard service if you cannot get your calculation correct.

  • Marie Reid
  • Dec 2 2020
  • Will not implement
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