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OSS/IOSS Reporting

We are KashFlow user from the Northern Ireland, and as of July 2021 EU extended One Stop Shop which was related to Digital services to the sales of goods. As a result we have to charge our European customers ( consumers) VAT rate that is applicable in the destination country ( for example 27% if the goods are destined to Hungary). And then once a quarter we have to submit OSS ( One Stope Shop) return and pay vat collected on this transactions to the HMRC.

I know that kashflow had a MOSS, but after Brexit it was disabled. But for us who are based in Northern Ireland this would be very useful fixture.

How should it work:

You record a sale with appropriate vat rate according to the country and the system should recognize the NET figure as a dispatches to EU should be included in ( box 8 of UK /Northern Ireland vat return) and also in Box 6 of vat return.

The vat amount related to those transactions should be excluded from the UK vat return, but should appear as a liability in the Balance Sheet.

And ability to pull the OSS report, would be very beneficial for the users who are Oss/Ioss registered.

It would be great if Kashflow can have a look at that and come up with the solution.

Thank you,


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  • May 24 2022
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