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Open Banking and CSV import of bank accounts

Well Open Banking has come into effect and has been known about for some time (see

Unfortunately, Yodlee are taking an age to integrate this, whereas some competing accounts platforms (such as QuickFile) have already launched their open banking integration.

Unfortunately, my account is with Santander - despite them having published their API etc, Yodlee expect to integrate with this in January 2020

Looks as though Kashflow customers will be left well behind the times (again).

Unfortunately, Yodlee have never been my preferred feed integrator - for example, their paypal solution never worked for me (it was even worse than Kashflow's poorly implemented paypal app).

I know that we can use a CSV import in the meantime, but I tried this with Santander - created an export, then reformatted it (deleting columns and re-ordering the columns and changing column names to fit in with Kashflow's own CSV) but import just reports an unknown error

Not sure I can put up with this for the next 4+ months.....

  • Rich Mellor
  • Sep 18 2019
  • Released
  • Mar 29, 2020

    Admin response

    We are pleased to inform you that KashFlow is now integrated with the new Open Banking APIs. Please refer to our Knowledge Base article for a list of banks we support. We will be looking to add more banks as they become available.

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  • KashFlow Product Team commented
    28 Mar, 2020 08:41pm

    We are pleased to inform you that Santander is a supported bank in KashFlow.

  • Brian Gumbley commented
    6 Mar, 2020 04:18pm

    Ouch. Think it’s all been said already. Another unhappy accountant here. Sorry KFs

  • Keith Milner commented
    21 Oct, 2019 03:44pm

    I have to agree. And it's ridiculous that Santander, who are one of the top small business banks in the UK, isn't even on the list.


    If other enhancements are to go by (e.g. Google Drive integration) then I fully expect to see 2022 roll around and still not have bank feed automation in place.

  • NKB commented
    17 Oct, 2019 05:19pm

    We are in the same situation as the OP. We have been a KF customer for 4 years and the automation aspect swayed it for us. Now we are in the dark ages and are left with tiddling about downloading Excel spreadsheet in one format, altering to csv and uploading to KF. We have written a macro, but that is not always without its issues. Looking at the KF website, Santander isn't even on the 'coming soon' list! - Xero has automatic Santander bank feeds so what is holding up KF? Quite frankly KF has fallen behind the times. No real added features or improvements, an app that really is totally useless and lacks any functionality. It's becoming a case of what you see is what you get. Come on KF sort yourself out! Come March 2020 if nothing has changed then we are leaving you for a competitor. 

  • Guest commented
    1 Oct, 2019 10:40am

    We have used KashFlow for the past few years, since it was acquired by IRIS, and encouraged clients to use it.   Whilst there have been a few problems, it has been reasonably comparable with similar packages.     This latest farce re Bank Feeds is something, however, that should never have happened and in speaking with senior employees at KashFlow, they concede that errors have been made.   

    There were problems a couple of years ago with activating Santander  Bank Feeds and KashFlow were fully aware that there was a problem then.    Other software suppliers such as Xero and FreeAgent sorted out these problems a long time.

    One of the reasons why people use Cloud Accounting is the usefulness of Bank Feeds and to find it has been taken away not just for a few days ,(which we originally and incorrectly assumed), but for over 2 months is disastrous.     Note:    We were advised last week that it will be sorted by 30 November!!!?       KashFlow - this is not good enough  !!!


    KashFlow is clearly and sadly not in touch with the modern world and the need to provide an effective and efficient service.   Without Bank Feeds and problems already encountered with downloading csv files, it is clear that we will not be recommending KashFlow to any new clients.      We shouldn't have to even contemplate using csv files as this system was used because it had Bank Feeds!!!


    A very unhappy customer

  • Guest commented
    21 Sep, 2019 05:38pm

    "You get what you pay for" isn't that what they always say?


    Well it doesn't seem to be the case here!  I pay for an automated bookkeeping solution but I'm having to do it all manually.


    Agree with the OP that this should have been prepared in advance of the deadline.  Seamless transition is the sign of customer care not fix it when its broke.


    Thanks to GB for the macro, I will see if this solves my issue for now, while I wait on a response to my complaint.  I certainly wont be waiting until the new year for a fix.  If the response is not suitable I'll be taking my business elsewhere.  Running a small business is hard enough without having additional admin and not being able to see your accounts!

  • Dan Roberts commented
    18 Sep, 2019 09:31am

    Sorry KashFlow but this whole situation has been really badly handled by you guys. There should have been communications sent out in advance so that we could avoid issues with duplicate transactions etc. Not good enough and your woolly answers via the support channel are pretty crap too.