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Bank reconciliation - imports for subscribers to a service


We have changed to the new interface and enabled bank imports, we even got it to work.

However it was a major dissapointment for us as it completely lacks what the ability to link bank with KashFlow should provide.

We have customers who pay a set amount monthly on a subscription, we have many hundreds of these, so this makes reconciliation a bit of a headache each quarter.

What we were hoping, and which is currently lacking us the ability to link a statement payment to a specific customer so with the click of a button we can reconcile nearly all the subscription transactions in one go.

Orphans/new customers can be manually linked for ongoing months etc..

The framework is now there where bank meets KashFlow, the current limited functionality is near unusable for us though as anybody who has over 1000 transactions a month would find.

The manual matcher doesn't even try to centre its results around the payment with a transaction of around the same date and same figure.

The rule facility is no good for retrospective end of quarter reconciles either as it wants to create an invoice! . the point is the invoice exists in near 100% of the case as they are create automatically. we need the payment made to be matched to the existing invoice.

I do hope your team can take this as a serious requirement , as for any business with a subscription model it would be a significant benefit.

Thank you

Bill Lewis - MD
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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Jan 10, 2017

    Admin response

    Hi Bill, Just to update you on the feedback you gave us a while ago now. We have created a framework on our product roadmap to build advanced rules into our bank feeds functionality. This will allow you to carry out the process you described with improvements to the automated matching system and the scope of rules. We will keep you updated through Canvass
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    10 Jan, 2017 09:19am

    I agree. I have a fixed monthly fee and the system does not link to the correct customer and does not link to the oldest invoice.

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