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Bulk import Expenses on a CSV file

I am new to Kashflow and our buisness runs on a very basic level. We have been forced into using accounting software due to the  new  MTD requirement imposed by the HMRC.

We presently collect expenses information using a basic Excel format which incidentally can be easily converted to a CSV file.

We pay expenses every month as a lump sum via BACS in just one transaction so it seems to me that I could continue in the same way and simply highlight the Bank transaction as an expense. Why bother going to all the hassle of inputting each and every expense on the Kashflow programme? My accountant will be furnished wit the Excel, surely this is adequate?

IF we MUST comply with the Kashflow method it would make life so much easier and quicker if we could simply relate the columns with Kashflow codes to match Kashflow's CSV format. This way we can input the code and cost with Excel calculating (if required) vat and net content etc.. All recurring expenses will simply ditto on the Excel, month by month.

From this we can convert to a compatible CSV file and import to the Kashflow account in just one transaction. 

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  • Apr 23 2019
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