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Kashflow data export/import tool to another Kashflow account

I have been a kashflow customer for a year now and have recently started working with a Kashflow recommended accountant. They have added me to their Kashflow accounting systems so they have direct access to my accounts. This is great. However i have had to set up a whole new Kashflow account. My frustration is that I do not believe there is a way to simply export all the information from Kashflow and then re import it into my new Kashflow (accountants version) account. I am in the process of re inputting 16 months worth of receipts, invoices, and transactions! it was painful the first time. Please can you either detail clearly how we can export then input all data from one Kashflow account to another. I know it sounds silly but If accountants are offfer the tool to existing kashflow customers either a code needs to be provided so we can take advantage of their great prices OR this export tool needs to be created. I don't plan on changing accountant or software in the near future but I do hope I can save someone else a lot of trouble in the future if this suggestion could be implemented. 

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  • Jun 26 2017
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  • Alan Moore commented
    28 Jun, 2017 09:44am

    There wasn't any need to reinput data into another Kashflow account. All that was required was for the accountant to talk to account manager