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Being able to add items with more than 2 decimal places, need at least 4 decimal places Merged

I deal with lots of small items/pieces that I need to track the cost/quantity of as well as get the purchase invoice to balance. At the moment I have to add an additional line to purchase invoices to correct for the decimal place error. Could you please add the ability to increase the number of decimal places to purchase and sales invoices as well as tracking costs in stock control.

  • Steve Berry
  • Jul 22 2017
  • Paul Jansen commented
    13 Oct, 2019 07:46pm

    I just recommended Kashflow and helped set up a trial only to discover that it is not possible to enter prices for invoicing to 3 decimal places.  The products sold are priced individually at typically £0.195  even though sold in minimum quantities of 100.

    Sadly this is a customer lost to KashFlow

  • Guest commented
    12 Nov, 2018 04:36pm

    On behalf of Neil Bundy, username: kaywesley   When the rate of the item times by quantity doesn't equal the right amount we have a very frustrating time. Please resolve by impoving this function. Really we need five decimal places.