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Useful stock entry system & sorting facility

I have a couple of requests that would greatly improve my system operation. These are:

1. The ability to add a stock item on the fly when processing purchase invoices would be immensely useful. Currently, when processing a purchase invoice, if a product is not included in the supplier products file the processing of the purchase invoice must stop so the product line can be added to the supplier product file. To be able to do this at the same time as invoice processing would save a lot of time.
2. To fit with 1 above it would also be useful to be able to create a sales item product from the purchase items created, particularly if they were created through a system as described above. Currently we create purchase stock items through the sales code menu using the stock control feature.
3. On some of our product groups we have over 1000 product items. It would be really useful to be able to sort these on Item code as well as item description in the same way as suppliers and customers can be sorted in their respective ledgers.

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  • Mar 30 2019
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    13 Aug, 2019 07:47am



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  • Rich Mellor commented
    6 Apr, 2019 06:55pm

    The other issue around this is finding a suitable code for the stock - for example, when creating an invoice, you can enter a new sales code and name of stock - but there is no search facility, so it often just says "sales code already exists" and you have to stop creating the invoice and look to see what the available stock codes are!