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The facility to do separate EC Sales lists online when your VAT quarters are different to the EC sales list quarters set of Jan-Mar etc

it's crazy that you can only submit a Kashflow online EC sales list if your accounts vat quarters are the same as the EC statutory quarters Jan-Mar etc. There is also no warning anywhere when you run the VAT quarter that an EC sales list is about to be sent in the background, (as long as you have input 0 in the EC sales list under settings which allows online lists to be generated). The first you will know about it is when you send your vat return, then get a rejection for an EC sales list. To get round this you need to remove the 0 from the EC sales list in settings so an online return will not be generated. The manually print the EC sales list report for the period you need and manually file online using the HMRC log in, instead of Kashflow.
What a pain!!??
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  • Jan 10 2017
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