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Link Purchases with Invoices for nice & clean breakdown

Link Purchase order (cost) against invoice (sale) for a clean breakdown per invoice.

I was thinking about nice way of displaying your cost vs sales as per invoice basis directly from invoices page inside Kashflow. So by linking invoice with specific Purchase order (select from drop down) this will show you a quick breakdown of your Turnover, Material Cost, and Profit you have generated.

You might have a scenario that when your purchase order contains goods for other people so this Linking system have to be able to link individual goods from PO for correct breakdown. Otherwise the breakdown might not be very accurate.

Maybe this feature already exit somewhere in reports, but at this moment if I want to look back the cost of specific Invoice, I have to check PO number and details manually against invoice which means you leaving your invoice page. it's just not a very good experience + by seeing breakdown per invoice, will help you understand how much profit you are generating per invoice.

It could be done by creating a link icon next to the purchase order (or make purchase order clickable ) The new small popup window will show with breakdown.

Hope this make sense.

Many Thanks,
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  • Jan 10 2017
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