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Extra Payslip lines

I currently have 3 lines available on a Payslip.  I pay Monthly Salary and Mileage, at the equivalent rate, plus a set dividend each month. 

When I hit year end I realised I had under paid Mileage so wanted to include a single payment for the 25p/mile mileage from last tax year while continuing to pay the 3 standard lines.  Unfortunately I found I was limited to 3 lines so would have to find a way to remove a line from this particular payslip to pay the one off payment.  Same could be said for annual bonus or ad hoc reimbursements which happen on occasion but not regular enough to need extra lines every month.

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  • Apr 12 2019
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  • Apr 17, 2019

    Admin response


    Thanks for getting back to me. There is a limit in the free license for KashFlow Payroll to three payslip items which might explain the results you are seeing (there is no such limit in the SME license).
    Let me know if that answers your query. We can keep a note to look at this again in the future.




    Good Morning.
    KashFlow Payroll payslips printed as pdf currently allow you to have over fifteen lines of pay items. Please could I ask how the limitation you found manifested itself so we can check?

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  • Guest commented
    16 Apr, 2019 01:49pm

    I input an extra line to the existing 3 and when I refresh the payslip it removes one of the existing lines and replaces it with the extra line rather than creating a new line.

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    16 Apr, 2019 10:19am

    It was really just an idea that if with our Bank account details inputted and our employees bank details inputted, there could be a function to initiate transfer of funds as well as the, already present, ability to generate payslips.