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Option to re-order line items on Payslip

Helpful & easier reading if payslip line items were grouped according to type. For example we have drivers who are paid a salary and a variable amount of overtime each week. additionally other payments for weekend overtime - all these need to be detailed seperately.

Currently the items are all over the place and in no particular order - see attached

this has been commented on by employees as hard to read and as a processor of payroll I find it very difficult to check payroll prior to submitting.

I though I had found a solution to this by preceeding each line item with a number - this worked for a short while and put lines in a logical order, however this is m=no longer the case

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  • Oct 26 2020
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  • Leanne Oxley-Hold commented
    25 Feb, 2021 12:20pm

    Good Afternoon,

    Thanks for the great suggestion.
    I've added it for review and will update you on any further outcomes as they happen.