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NEW DASHBOARD Create New Customer (from US)

In the past when I create a new customer (and select to create an invoice once customer is created), I could enter their name and address, then go to the options page to add VAT number / whether they are inside / outside the EU etc and click Update - at which point all details are processed and I am taken to the create invoice screen.

On the new dashboard, if I do this, I am taken to the Create Invoice screen, but all of the address details are lost.

You have to remember to click on update for each tab in the customer details screen (easily forgotten) - of course if you do this once you enter the name and address details, you are taken to create invoice straight away with the wrong settings for the "options" tab as you didn't get chance to enter those.

  • Rich Mellor
  • Oct 6 2022
  • Acknowledged
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