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Email Notifications - New Invoices

I am receiving a lot of SPAM! from Kashflow in the form of unwanted emails relating to the automatically generated invoices. I have an invoice that is created every day for our tills information to be entered. This side functions fine, however, every day at around 4am I get a notification from Kasfhlow ( with a subject of "Iris KashFlow: New Invoices"

This email can not be stopped with a simple tick in a box - surely this should be an option on the customer screen or repeat invoice/purchase screen?

I understand a periodic automatically generated document receiving a notification email, but for one that runs daily... its too much!

The current work around is to manipulate the email in the Settings for the whole of Kashflow - removing or changing the email address, but this could stop genuine / important notifications being received.

  • Ben
  • Nov 24 2021
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