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Record CIS Certificate received on each invoice

I would like to be able to somehow add that we have received a CIS certifcate from the customer we have invoiced. We have to send our invoice with the CIS dedcuction on it, it would be good to be able to go into each invoice, and tick a box maybe, to say a CIS certificate has been received from the client to enable us to claim this back. If the invoice is paid and the box has not been ticked say after two months then we should then receive an email remainder to chase for one as we do when invoices/purchases are over due. Then of course be able to create a list of all invoices which have not yet received a CIS certifcate. To keep track of claiming CIS back easier rather then yet another spread sheet to add detail to and check when time allows and hopefully mean more CIS is claimed back.

  • Carey Hall
  • Jul 9 2021
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