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Online Filing of CIS

Create a monthly CIS report that can be filed on-line in the same way we do for VAT (using the same government log on information already held in KashFlow). This would summarise all sub contractors payments made over a specific month, detailing any materials/expenses and of course the tax deducted. We could also then use the same information to print off or email pdf's of the individual tax certificates to them. - This would save hours of work each month and be very much appreciated by anybody allied to the Construction Industry.
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  • Jan 10 2017
  • Part Released
  • Sep 7, 2023

    Admin response

    This has been part-released.

    1) Online filing of CIS - this is still being evaluated

    2) Creation of the monthly CIS report per supplier. This has been Released 29th August.

    To run this report on a per Supplier (or Customer) basis go to:

    REPORT >> then BUSINESS >> select the CIS SUMMARY report >> select a Supplier (or customer) >> Select Sales or Purchase >> and run report

    You can print or download the report

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  • Guest commented
    7 Sep, 2023 12:32pm

    What a good idea can’t wait

  • Carey Hall commented
    7 Sep, 2023 10:53am

    I want to be able to tick off on each invoice when we have received a CIS Certifcate from a customer and list those we haven't received one from. The report isn't in the sales section it is in the business section. Our accountant will only claim CIS back for us with a certificate from our customer matching the amount deducted on our invoice. Customers are very good at letting us discount our invoice but then suddenly having no idea what a CIS certifcate is or being able to produce one. We lose money this way so often. I have made materials/hire equipment a cost where CIS shouldn't be deducted but the system still doesn't do this, so the materials breakdown has to be left as zero, save the invoice, click CIS, then edit and add the materials figure back into the invoice. It could all be simpler I think. A report just lisitng CIS on invoices isn't really any help as I still have to have a seperate spreadsheet listing who has and who hasn't provided a CIS certifcate to us.

  • Guest commented
    19 Nov, 2021 01:43pm

    So we know have the ability to produce CIS reports for a specific CUSTOMER!

    Yay, some limited use, but what we are all clamouring for is a report that sub-totals by SUPPLIER - which will be incredibly useful.

  • Andie Painter commented
    29 Apr, 2021 02:33pm

    Is there an update on the updates to CIS? the ability to email the supplier certificates is long overdue. I have been requesting this since 2016

  • Keith Phillips commented
    16 Jan, 2020 11:51pm

    I agree a report on cis payment and deductions from subcontractors on a monthly basis would be great

  • Dan Mason commented
    15 Feb, 2018 03:00pm

    Here here - being able to file CIS returns and produce slips is a must

  • Andie Painter commented
    6 Feb, 2017 03:14pm

    Requested this ages ago. I would love this facility! 

  • Amanda Ford commented
    6 Feb, 2017 03:09pm

    I totally agree that this needs to be addressed as anyone in the construction industry would require this as part of their accounting/payroll software.  I used 12PAY prior to moving to the Kashflow Iris payroll software and wish I hadn't for that pure simple reason.  I would imagine it being pretty simple as the details are within the invoice already as a CIS deduction.

  • Guest commented
    10 Jan, 2017 09:12am

    Are there any updates on this development?

  • Guest commented
    10 Jan, 2017 09:12am

    I second this request. The information required for the deduction certificates is already in the system, so it should be simple enough to generate the certificates. This is my least favourite activity on a Friday evening.

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