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CIS Submission Reporting Merged

I record payments to subcontractors via the CIS scheme. I have all our subcontractors listed and record the payments made to them manually each month. I have to generate a report to each individual on a monthly basis showing the tax I have deducted from them. It would be really useful if the system could generate such a report. 
There is currently a report which shows all CIS subcontractors which can be broken down by month, but this includes everybody , I would need to generate this individually. 

At the moment I have to key the information held on Kashflow on to a spreadsheet which takes a lot of time. 

The information needs to include the Supplier / Subcontractor name, Amount paid amount of CIS deducted , Date and UTR would be useful.

I also support other users when they suggest that CIS submissions via Kashflow directly to HMRC would save a lot of time.



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  • Feb 13 2017
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