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Can this comment go to technical support or the actual IT Team who have upgraded this new system - I have had an email stating that the debtors list cannot be printed off as landscape, so if this simple task cannot be possible so I can write notes against each client which there is over 6 - A4 pages every month I have to chase.

The overall system is not as efficient, every time you put a payment onto the clients account (as we have a lot of clients who pay standing orders) you have to put the payment on then you cant automatically go back into the account it takes you back to another screen !! you cant edit notes on the invoice once you have added notes, the debtors list you cant print off as landscape so I can add small notes for chasing etc, there is so much time wasting which with a new system it should be more efficient, also you cant see which payments have paid which invoice unless you go into every payment, need I go on, its so frustrating, it usually takes me an afternoon to get all payments onto kashflow it is now Tuesday afternoon and I am not even half way through - Can we go back to the old system !!!

  • C Oliver
  • Mar 9 2021
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