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the new design is slow, and full of bugs

Hi there, the new design, even if prettier, does not work like the old system.

it is full of bugs that need corrected. you need 30% more time, you need to click far more time to chose options. You need to keep on scrolling down to add items as the system every time you add one it get you to the beginning of the invoice/quote.... so lot of unnecessary scrolling. When you add the heading in a new quote and then the client, the heading dissapear. When you send your quote to a client in the app does not appear you sent it with the letter symbol so it is confusing as you do not know which one you sent or not.

It is a bit of a mess right now and require more time to work with it. I prefer old version...

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  • Jul 13 2023
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  • Rich Mellor commented
    7 Sep, 2023 12:47pm

    I have to agree - the new layout has some good points, but choosing from a drop-down list for example is a nightmare - as you have to open the drop-down list, then click on a search box to start typing what you need - you can't just type what you need as soon as the drop-down box is active, which is the more common (and quicker) approach