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Fuel cost recharge under mileage for company cars

Mileage reclaims for personal vehicles are already covered including the VAT reclaim for the fuel element, however this does not cover the Electric vehicle fuel rate at £0.04 per mile.

In future pure electric cars will be the only option and are already becoming much more popular - Adding this rate/option in would be very helpful.

However company cars provided to employees where fuel is not provided are not catered for at all - As all fuel is paid for personally the driver can still recover fuel costs from the business at the appropriate rate depending upon engine size and fuel type.

It would be good if this could be added to KashFlow since the majority of company cars are provided without fuel due to the very large scale charge and additional tax suffered by the employee.

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  • Sep 17 2020
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  • Rich Mellor commented
    20 May, 2021 10:46am

    Still not implemented - I have an Electric vehicle which are charge from home and so cannot enter the correct information here.

    Unfortunately, it seems as though Kashflow are now completely ignoring customer feedback on here - the suggestions are being swamped by spam and yet they do nothing about it.