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Payment due to suppliers by Payment Method

I would like a report showing amounts due to suppliers to include a sortable column for payment method.

To explain, I put in the payment method for each supplier, eg Cheque, Direct Debit, BACS.

I want a report so that I can see who to pay by cheque, who to pay by BACS.  I need to know the balances outstanding on direct debit are going to be collected automatically as I don't want to pay these by BACS or cheque and then find I have paid them twice!  I have so many suppliers that I don't always remember who is paid by Direct Debit or cheque and so need a report to tell me. 

As a comparison, the equivalent in Sage 50 desktop software would be to go to Suppliers, click Manage payments, and then there is a list of suppliers with balances on the account.  Payment method is a column and can be sorted if wished.

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  • Aug 20 2018
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