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aged creditors outstanding

I need to be able to see or print a report that shows me what invoices are outstanding for any given period, e.g. the last month, and get a total per supplier.
This is how I know what I owe each supplier for the previous month.

It's a bit like aged creditors but that shows all invoices, not just what is owing.
Selecting "What you owe" doesn't show totals per supplier for a specific period.
Individual 'Statements' within the supplier record are useful, but I can't check EVERY supplier to see if there is anything outstanding!

I thought it would be an obvious report, as come the end of each month most businesses need to pay statements for their suppliers who they pay 'on account' (i.e. net monthly or end of month).
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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Sep 5, 2017

    Admin response

    Hi Vikki, Nothing in the system can currently cater for this and I cant suggest a useful workaround at the moment. This would be an entire new report to be built and would come under our plan to rebuild the entire reporting engine in a future development phase. Unfortunately we cannot commit to this any sooner at the moment, but we are aware of the need for such changes.
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