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Quick Updating Product Codes after creation/import

I have seen a previous idea submitted for the ability to update prices of product codes by importing a new CSV as this was rejected due to the possibility of data problems and duplicated data


Issue: When you have over 1000 products, and the supplier increases the price of over half a dozen, it becomes very tedious going in and out of each product to update the information/price.


For example, to update product price I have to perform the following: Purchases > Purchase Codes > Select Purchase Code/Name > Search and Select Product Code > Edit Current Data > Update  Continuing the last 3 steps multiple times with the view resetting to the top of the list each time. Control F helps cut down scrolling but still long winded


Solution: Allow the view to be switched to a online CSV type file, or as MS Access call it 'Datasheet View' to allow multiple data updates quick and simple as you scroll through the list.


Quick, Simple, Smart.... Although the coders may not see it as quick! ;-)

  • Ben
  • Jan 17 2018
  • Planned
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