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Quick "+ Add Line Items" - Multiple Lines

Would it be possible to add a extra option/button/bell/whistle to the Purchases/Invoices option to help add product lines.


Issue: Current option allows for only single lines/comments to be added per click. This takes a lot of time and effort when trying to input an entry that is more than a couple of lines. Often purchases from a supplier/customer contains a number of lines that are always the same, or multiple lines of similar purchase/sales codes.

Solution: I see a few possible solutions to help with this. By adding a way to quick copy or insert lines it will reduce time and effort, especially having to keep scrolling down the screen to click the add line button.

  1. Add another option with the + Add Line Item / + Add Comment to allow a text box and button text to select how many lines, i.e  + Add [20] Line Items = giving 20 empty lines to enter product details. (Red Option in picture)
  2. A "+ Copy" type button at the end of a line (next to the "X Delete" to add a new line with duplicated purchase/sales code. (Green Option in picture)
  3. Add a option that when you create a new purchase/sale from a specific supplier/customer it populates a pre-selected number of fields with purchase/sales codes - even product codes. Similar to the Repeat Purchase/Sale option but an on demand option rather than a timed/scheduled purchase/sale. (Magenta Option in picture)
  4. Possibility of the "+Add Line Item / +Add Comment" options float at the bottom of the screen to circumvent the issue with having to scroll down constantly to add multiple lines.
  5. Give us all the bells and whistles! - Maybe your coders might have some extra ideas/options


This would help an already good product become great!

  • Ben
  • Jan 15 2018
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  • Rob Smith commented
    22 Jan, 2018 03:53pm

    Option 2 would be good for me, and it would seem relatively easy to create?