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Highlight Invalid Entries - Product Specified is Invalid

Would it be possible to have the system highlight either by text colour, or by cell highlighting an invalid entry. As the "Product Specified is Invalid" warning is of little help.


Issue: A product code was changed to a different location, this rendered all products under the old code invalid.  Every time a entry is opened with an invalid product a small popup appears at the top of the screen, but does not say what the invalid entry is. 


Solution: Have the system produce a automatic formatting of the cell or the text of the invalid product to draw attention to the issue. The small popup at the top of the screen doesn't help when you have a purchase/sales entry with multiple product/sales codes. This would draw the users attention to the text quickly and help save hours of hair pulling!


See attached image for the popup (top centre) and the possible solution of cell highlighting. 

  • Ben
  • Jan 15 2018
  • Acknowledged
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