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Red / Green column highlight, so you what you are looking at

I've been caught out a few times, where I'm doing my reconciliations and I've ticked off an "out" instead of it being a correct "in" amount. As such the end balance didn't work out. The "In/Out" columns on reconciliation (and any of the pages to be honest), could really do with a nice pastel green or red, so you know what column you are reading.

It's OK when you only have 10 items on a page - but when you have 200 and get down to maybe item 50 - its easy to forget if its the "out" column first, or "in" , and thus get confused.

Obviously not everyone would want this - so maybe put it as a custom option for people to enable.


It would certainly save some of my sanity! ;)




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  • Jan 27 2017
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