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More intelligence as to how payments are applied

We had two identical invoices to the same customer over a two month period and the customers payment came in just after the second invoice was created. The payment was applied to the newer invoice. Support have told me that the matching rule isn't very bright and this can happen. Seems like it should be quite basic to have the rule to always apply a payment to an older invoice where there are two invoices with the same amount. We were shown how to add rules but that didn't seem to help. 


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  • Jan 12 2018
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    7 Feb, 2018 11:27am

    I should have noted that the reason for adding this was that the customer ended up receiving a credit control email requesting payment when in fact their account was fully up to date which was obviously a bit embarrassing and this is likely to re-occur as we often invoice the same amounts. I can imagine our customers getting a bit upset if they continue to receive requests for payment when they've already paid!

    Thanks for acknowledging the issue!