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Batch Payment

If you have one payment going to multiple invoices, then you need to use the batch payment function, and you have to delete the original matching rule that is being offset against the supplier in order to avoid duplication of payments. 


However once you go back to your bankfeed, this brings back in the payment and the bankfeed does not recognise that the payment has already been allocated to multiple invoices via batch payment.  


This is very messy and can cause errors especially if we have matching rules in place for the payments to be offset against the supplier account within the bankfeed. There is no notification to prompt us that the payment has already been imported. 


We need to have the matching rules in place to be offset against the supplier a/c in order to reconcile the invoices within the supplier accounts against the payments. As the advance payment are the entries which cannot be allocated against an invoice. 

Can we please get this sorted out. 

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  • Aug 30 2018
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